Available Trainings

General Topics:

Identifying Adult and Adolescent Drug Use

Adolescent Substance Abuse

Heroin Addiction and Recovery

Working with the Young Addicted Adult

Addiction: A Brain Disease and More!

Relapse Prevention

Heroin Addiction in Kentucky

Common Synthetic Drugs on the Street

Foundation Skills for Substance Abuse Treatment

Co-occurring Disorders

What's on the Streets: New Drugs of Abuse

Self-Injurious Behavior

Suicide Risk Assessment

Adolescent Development

Anxiety Disorders and the School Environment

Adolescent Substance Abuse and the Family


Family Treatment for the Substance Abuse


Trauma and Adolescents: What We Need to

     Know to be Effective

Working with the Resistant/Relapse Prone


Working With the Client With Co-occurring

     Substance Abuse and Anti-Social PD

Elements of DBT with the Borderline Patient

Prescription Drug Abuse and Heroin

Molly, Krokodil, Robing, and Smoking Alcohol!

Marijuana in 2020: Why We Need to be Worried!!

How to Motivate Patients to Change

Working with Conduct Disordered and Substance Abusing Adolescents

Licensure/Certification Training Requirements:

Re-Licensure Ethics for Social Workers, Alcohol & Drug Counselors, and Other Counselor Professions

LCSW Supervision for LCSWs

Suicide Assessment, Treatment, and Management

Best Practices in Clinical Supervision: 12 Hour Required Course for Licensed KY AODE Clinical Supervisors 

Treatment/Therapeutic Approaches:

Crisis Management: Verbal De-escalation

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

Elements of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

The Collaborative Problem Solving Approach

     with Children

How to Manage the Treatment Milieu/The Wonderful World of Milieu Management

Engaging the Substance Abuse Client in


Brief, Strategic Approaches in Counseling

Trauma-Informed Care

The Seven Challenge Approach

​Intervention and Treatment Strategies for Resistant Clients with Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders